Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dominant Legs - Young at Love and Life

Over the past couple of years San Fransisco has established itself as a sort of mecca for bands looking to rehash the glories of antiquated trends and showcase them as something both current and unfamiliar.  Girls skillfully pulled apart the jangle pop of early Beach Boys and Buddy Holly to turn it into the soundtrack for one of the most intriguing come back stories in recent memory and the latest LP from SF's The Young & Onlys has set them to be the torchbearers for this generation's Nuggests revivalists.  Dominant Legs  continue this course and play glossy pop in the strictest sense of the word though they don't let their chirp obstruct the gravity of the adult questions which canvas the record.

As the gap between adolescence and adulthood continues to grow, young adults are left with more and more time to reconcile their old idealized visions of concepts like "a good life" or "love" in a world that isn't as palpable as it used to be.  Presented with the choice of either retreating from or embracing this uncomfortable fact, front man Ryan Lynch doesn't pretend to have any absolute answers but inquisitively confronts this lost of innocence as perhaps a chance to start over and capture whatever it was that had left.  The EP effortlessly floats along by using whirly keyboards and jubilant percussion to offset this lyrical gloom and instead, these highly personal doubts are presented to listener as an invitation to share in the pair's abstruse journey and not feel so bad along the way.

Dominant Legs - Clawing at the Walls

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