Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salem - King Night

For every action there is a reaction.  In the past two years, a torrent of bands have appeared which revolve around the intimate allure of beach imagery to create a shelter away from the required doldrums of modern life.  Having been stretched to its extremes, "chill wave" now represents a spectrum of musical styles which adhere to a common aesthetic doctrine in which songs must unobtrusively glide without ever placing any displeasure onto the listener.  The emerging 'witch house'/'drag' genre directly clashes with this docile philosophy in that, though it incorporates similar syrupy texturing, rhythms are purposely slowed down to create an eerie and perplexing semblance.  Genre forefathers Salem mangles what could have formally been a robotic southern hip-hop beat into a majestically triumphant assault of "O Holy Night".  Imagine club music pulled away from the dance floor and thrown into a cathedral.

Salem - King Night by DISCODUST

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  1. el día que escriba la mitad de bien que tú, Trev, seré muy feliz.