Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don´t Look Back #6 - Tiger Trap - Tiger Trap

By the time Tiger Trap´s first and only full-length LP gets through the instrumental number "Tore a Hole", it becomes blatantly obvious that pigeonholing them as just another twee group would be a doing a total disservice to the mesmerizing effort made in not sacrificing content or melody for power.  While the lyrical content remains in the familiar terrain of adolescent dilemmas and childish daydreaming, each song is approached with a surprising boldness that often pushes the expected softness of similar indiepop into noisier territory.  Clocking in at a little over half an hour, the album includes timely and unexpected changes of tempo with alleviating sudden losses of composure in the normally graceful vocals of lead-singer Rose Melberg.  Though every song may be recorded in a similar juvenile fashion, their masterful hooks feature a maturity and differentiation in structure which elevates this short-lived group to nearly legendary status. 

Tiger Trap - Puzzle Pieces

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