Sunday, April 11, 2010

Primavera Preview #6: The Almighty Defenders

Already having run their reputation of nonsensical belligerence into the ground, The Black Lips have decided to team up with King Kahn and BBQ, so as to squeeze out every last possible drop from their limited musical capabilities.  It seems that the concept of The Almighty Defenders is to put the typical Lips' track through a soul/gospel filter, which like its predecessor, can be gratifying in its best moments but often leaves us feeling disappointed or even cheated after a complete listening.  The mentality behind creating a rushed production works well if the spontaneity of the moment leads to a more direct and veracious performance, but it seems as if this incarnation is trying to disguise a lack of ambition or audacity with two-dimensional nostalgic ploys.  Still, there are plenty of knee slapping and foot stomping numbers to make the experience enjoyable enough for a limited number of listens and their live set will surely feature all the familiar buffoonish antics and drunken banter that we've come to associate with these surprisingly charming rascals.

The Almighty Defenders - Cone Of Light

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