Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Primavera Preview #5: Scout Niblett

One's first impression of Scout Niblett might conjure up memories of grunge's heyday in the mid-nineties.  She's worked with legendary producer Steve Albini, she's known to cover "Verse Chorus Verse" live, and every review of hers can't seem to avoid mentioning PJ Harvey.  Once you get past all these surface traits though, you'll find that her albums are far more intimate than the work of these aforementioned artists.  Using the most crude and direct approach to making a guitar rock album, Niblett creates the sensation that she's not playing for a large audience, but rather that her music serves as her own form of personal therapy.  She gives her minimalist methods plenty of room to breathe and fill the arid silence between her tensely delivered passages that often allude to mysticism and classical tragedy.  Expect an obscure set with brief flashes of fiery distortion followed by intensively long periods of barren distress.

Scout Niblett - I.B.D.

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